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A Pile of Internet, Part Deux!

Yes, I’m back and it’s a consecutive blog post for me!  No, it’s not the end of the world: it’s just another pile of internet! ~Pile #UNO (1)~ 25 List “25 Epic Fail GIFs” – website link People really liking listing things: top tens in music, movies, letterman jokes, quotes, books, toes, piggies, stock quarterlies(sp? … Continue reading

A Pile of Internet

I wanted to take the time to showcase my love for the randomness of the internet, and what ordinary people do to make great art, fun, etc across the cybersphere.  I’ll do this from time to time, sometimes with a general theme I’m going for, but other times it’s just going to be a random … Continue reading

Netflix Restructuring – separating DVD from Streaming

I was shocked this morning when I opened my e-mail to see this e-mail from Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix.  In the e-mail, Reed addressed the issues many have been feeling about the recent price increases of the Netflix subscriptions and a more definitive separation between their streaming and dvd content service.  Now, meaning to … Continue reading

Kogeto producing “Dot” 360º camera for iPhone 4

I stumbled upon this today, and found myself rejoicing in another kickstarter program launching with great success.  This group has built a camera that can take 360 degrees of video through anyone’s iPhone 4.  You can use the iPhone app to move the view around for the full 360 degree goodness. You can check out … Continue reading

Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

The following is a note posted by my good buddy, Lucas, about his feelings in regards to Ecclesiastes.  The book is in the old testament of the Bible, written by King Solomon.  It’s pretty much the most emo piece of literature ever written.  Enjoy. Thoughts on Ecclesiastes I don’t usually write, but if you guys like … Continue reading

Say Hello to Cody Rex

This is Cody Rex, the polo shirt-wearing t-rex.  Enjoy his cool, ferocious demeanor.  Have any ideas for a funny sketch you’d like me to make?  Comment below!

From Dust

From Dust is a new game that released today on the Xbox live marketplace.  In essence, it is a god game, where you take on the role of deity.  How you wield your given powers over the land is a matter of your own preference.  Will you destroy your followers or help them return to … Continue reading



Do you like music? How absurd of me! Of course you do! Do you like FREE music? Another no-brainer! I’m on fire today. Okay, so I stumbled upon a great site where you can download entire albums for free, completely legally. I know, you’re already fishing in your inbox to see if I’ve sent you … Continue reading

New to the blog-o-sphere

Okay, so I have no idea really what I’m going to be doing on here.  I just knew I had to start writing otherwise I never would start, and this seemed like the first logical jump into that.  First off, I work as a video editor so that absorbs a lot of my time.  I … Continue reading