From Dust

From Dust is a new game that released today on the Xbox live marketplace.  In essence, it is a god game, where you take on the role of deity.  How you wield your given powers over the land is a matter of your own preference.  Will you destroy your followers or help them return to greatness?  But you cannot tell them or make them do anything, they have their own free will.  This has created questions in my mind: how does this relate to God and our own relationship with Him?  What would I do if the shoe were on the other foot and I was given the ability to warp the very face of the earth?

I suppose these questions could be answered with a simple playthrough of this game.  If you wish to read more on this intriguing game you can go to the main website or for the review of the game you can go to IGN’s article.  Check out below for a cool trailer.  From Dust is currently only available at the xbox live marketplace for 1200 ms points ($15).


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