A Pile of Internet

I wanted to take the time to showcase my love for the randomness of the internet, and what ordinary people do to make great art, fun, etc across the cybersphere.  I’ll do this from time to time, sometimes with a general theme I’m going for, but other times it’s just going to be a random pile of internet I stumbled upon.

———————–PILE #1———————–

Koala to the max initial site look

Koalas to the max.com –  website link

Hovering will split color spheres.

First off is this little gem of a website called Koalas to the max.  I am a fan of colors and playing with colors, so this was a joy to stumble upon.  The site is essentially one big dot of color when you first load it up, but hover over the dot with your mouse and it splits into different colors.

the "final" image

Continue to hover around and the orbs split more and more revealing different shades as fast as your mouse can change them.  The site really latches onto what it feels like to be a child and be enamored with the visual spectacle of color.  If you’re feeling bored, just load it up and play around.  If you’re a designer, graphic artist, you might find it as source of inspiration. If you have the patience and dexterity, eventually an image of two lovely koalas will show through the art.  Either way, through random ‘painting’ or trying to reveal the koalas, a lot of fun is to be had.



———————–PILE #2———————–

Totally Cool Pix.com “Best Pictures of the Decade: The Noughties” –  website link

This set of photos really defines the Noughties (2000-2010 decade) visually.  Both breathtaking and gut-wrenching, the photos depict a decade full of strife (terrorist attacks, war, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters) in a very profound way.

———————–PILE #3———————–

Yanko Design: Form Beyond Function “The Ultimate Green Hotel” website link

This is an interesting design because it encourages a green vacation, which most people wouldn’t think about when going on vacation.  Check out the designs for the accommodations and think about what it might do for the environment.

Yanko Designs "Ultimate Green Hotel"


Do you have something you’d like to share? E-mail me at dafiker@gmail.com with your piles of internet!  Also comment below!


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