A Pile of Internet, Part Deux!

Yes, I’m back and it’s a consecutive blog post for me!  No, it’s not the end of the world: it’s just another pile of internet!

~Pile #UNO (1)~
25 List “25 Epic Fail GIFs” website link

People really liking listing things: top tens in music, movies, letterman jokes, quotes, books, toes, piggies, stock quarterlies(sp? that just doesn’t look like it’s spelled right), etc.  We list everything, we quantify our love or loathe for stuff, whatever that might be.  So there’s this site called List 25, where – you guessed it – they list stuff.

I stumbled upon a particular entry in the List 25 the other day that I really liked.  Here’s it’s title

Yup “25 Epic Fail GIFs”.  Not only animated GIFs, but Epic Fails!  What’s not to love and/or loathe about such a collection!

Trust me, just click the website link above (ya’ know in the title) and check this out.  You’ll love/hate it… either or, I don’t want to deprive you of the choice of your disposition.

~Pile #II (2)~
“PixelPressIcons” website link

Vintage icons of something called "Floppies"? That sounds old and techy.

Do you like computer icons?  Of course you do! If you didn’t, you do now.  And here are some free icons for your computer (specifically Mac computer). So if you don’t like the sleek icons already thrust upon you by Apple, you can totally throw them out and use custom ones to your liking.

I’m not sure why you’d want your 3 TB monster Firewire 800 drive to look like an old floppy 512KB disk drive, but, hey, more power to you.

There’s more than just that, but just check out the site.  There are also paid icons, but I’m cheap and I just assume everyone else is cheap when it comes to computer icons.  If you have disposable income and already bought your yacht, maybe look at those icons too.  Maybe they’ll have yacht inspired icons. (Hey, you can dream!)

~Pile #drei (3)~

Sad and Useless.com “In a Perfect World” website link

This site is a hodge podge of stuff, but the link I stumbled onto was titled, “In a Perfect World”.  The humor runs along the lines of things that disappoint us that we wish would just go away.  But the key is that these things are just simple problems, like the below graphic.  All of this is presented in some very minimalist artwork.  Enjoy the link!  Just think “In a Perfect World… __________”

Again, thanks for checking this out – tweet, comment, reply, whatever and let me know what you think.  And if you have any cool additions you’d like me to check out just e-mail me dafiker@gmail.com


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